How to add/connect your android devices?

After creating your account on the 2nd step is to connect your android device or Whatsapp account. Now you'll learn how to connect an android device with your SMSrush account.

How to connect an android device or register an android device with your SMSrush Account?

For sending and receiving SMS messages, you will need to link/connect your Android devices with sim card capability. Please note that sending requires SMS credits/ balance / SMS package on your sim network carrier. If you have free SMS bundle activated on your Simcard that will be consumed. To send out SMS text messages from your Simcard it is mandatory to connect or register your android device within the SMSrush dashboard. To do you can follow the below steps.

  1. Sign in/ Login to your SMSrush Account.

  2. Click on "ANDROID" in the main menu as shown in the screenshot.

  3. A new page will be loaded and now you'll see a left sidebar where "Devices" is already selected and in the centre will see already connected devices if you are new there will be no device as shown in the below screenshot.

  4. Click on the "ADD DEVICE" button as shown in the screenshot.

5. A new window will pop up from the right sidebar, follow the instructions to download the SMSrush app from there and install it on your Android Device.

  • You can download the app by pressing the Download button or Scanning the QR code from your android device to download it directly on your android device.

  • If you have downloaded the app on your computer then you have to transfer it to your Android device to install it.

Installing SMSrush App on Your Android Device

To install the SMSrush app on your android device you have to allow "Installation of Unknown Sources" Apps on your android device. The SMSrush app is 100% secure and safe to use. It's not on the Google Play store because google doesn't allow publishing apps with that kind of feature.

1: Click on the downloaded apk file "net.smsrush.gateway.apk" from SMSrush to install it. If you are installing the Unknown app for the first time, your android device will give you the option to allow the installation of Unkown Sources apps, you have to Turn it ON otherwise installation will get started.

2: After Allowing the Unkown Sources app come back to the downloaded file and click on it again for installation. Now you'll see an Install button as shown in the below screenshots.

3: Once the app is installed successfully open the app. You'll see your device name and it's not linked. To connect it to your account click on the "Arrow" Icon as shown in the below screenshot.

4: A new window will open on the mobile screen, Now you have two options to connect your android with the account either by using your email and password that you've used while creating your account on SMSrush or

by scanning the 2nd QR Code on your computer under 2. REGISTER DEVICE.

5: Once the Device is connected you'll see it says "Linked" under the device name in the above 3rd screenshot and also a device will appear within the dashboard as shown in the below screenshot.

6: Now whenever you want to send SMS campaigns make sure your "Gateway" in on and to do so make sure to Turn on this switch within the app because this is the switch to turn ON or OFF/Stopped the gateway as shown in the below screenshot.

How to control the sending speed?

SMSrush allows you to control the sending speed and sending limitation for every device connected with your account and you can also disable receiving SMS with in the dashboard.

1: Go to "ANDROID" from the main menu

2: You will see the list of connected android devices click on the pencil icon to edit the desired android device.

3: Once you clicked on the pencil icon a new window will pop up to edit the device as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Device name: You can change the device name.

  • Receive SMS: Receive SMS is enabled by default. You can disable it if you don't want to receive the SMS within the SMSrush dashboard.

  • Random Sending Interval: You can also control the sending speed through random sending intervals and it's useful to protect yourself from getting blocked by the carrier/network providing company. By default, it is on and the minimum time in seconds is 5 and the maximum is 10. This means after sending one message the next message will be sent after 5-10 seconds. You can either disable it or change the value it's up to you. If you're using multiple devices then you have to set it for each device separately.

  • Sending Limit: You can also enable the daily sending limit for each device if you want to send a certain number of messages from each device every day or every month. Once that limit is reached SMS will not be sent from that device. By default this feature is disabled you can enable it if you want to control the sending limit.

  • After making all the changes don't forget to press the "Submit" Button

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